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The following list of faculties is extracted directly from the Personal Information Computer System 'PERS' PERS
There you can find detailed information on all UZ faculties.

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    Faculty of the Arts (1027)
    Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering (5092)
    Faculty of Economics and Management (5324)
    Faculty of Physics and Astronomy (1792)
    Faculty of Humanities (10397)
    Faculty of Computer, Electrical and Control Engineering (5937)
    Faculty of Mathematics Computer Science and Econometrics (2286)
    Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (4573)
    Faculty of Biological Sciences (2177)
    Faculty of Education, Psychology and Sociology (9122)
    Non-faculty units(781)
    (the numbers in the parenthesis refer to the total number of the faculty's publications registered in the System. A publication is assigned to the given faculty if at least one of its authors works at the faculty)
    Currently in the System:
  1. 2187 - number of authors from the University
  2. 16335 - number of co-authors from outside the University
  3. 59786 bibliographical records

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