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What is the UPLOAD module ?
This module extends the basic functionality of the SKEP system. The Polish abbreviation SKEP in English stands for Bibliographical Information Computer System. Bibliographical records are created in the University Library. Using the UPLOAD module these records can be extended by source files (like for example full article texts in .pdf or .doc formats).
What do you need to start using the module ?
First of all you need to possess a valid account (username and password). The account can be created by an individual responsible for your PERS system data (sorry but at the moment the system is only in Polish). Immediately after creating your account you can start using the module. Simple go to the main web page of the SKEP system and then choose the UPLOAD module. After successful authorization the system is ready to use.
Who can attach source files ?
Only the authors and co-authors of the given bibliographical record. Moreover they need to have a valid account (username and password) created in the UPLOAD module (see the previous question). Just after uploaded the source files are immediately accessible via any web browser.
What are the current limitations in using the module ?
At present, to every bibliographical record registered in the SKEP system, you can attach a total number of 4 files and their total size can not exceed 15 MB. If needed administrators can increase these limitations.
How to download the uploaded source files ?
If a bibliographical record has at least one attachment you can find a link called Download source files >>> just below the record. Simple click it and go.
Is it obligatory to use the module ?
Absolutely no. It's up to you. If you don't want to attach source files to your bibliographical records simple do not use this module. But it is strongly recommended.
Where to find help while in trouble ?
Do not hesitate to contact the authors of the module: Artur Gramacki, PhD , Jaroslaw Gramacki, PhD. and Tomasz Pajzert, Msc

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